Be Sure to Include These 3 Items on Your Child’s Back-to-School Checklist

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Did you know that regular dental checkups (and cleanings) are as crucial to your child’s health as immunizations? The U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), has stated that tooth decay affects more of our country’s children than any other chronic infectious disease.

Today’s blog is going to expand on our earlier blog this month to help you prepare your child for the most successful school year possible. In addition to providing your child with a professional dental cleaning and exam in the beginning of the school year, you should include these three items on your child’s back-to-school checklist:

1- You will want to supplement your child’s routine checkups with daily oral maintenance. This means making sure they brush and floss daily. Besides providing them with school supplies, you will want to purchase a new toothbrush which fits correctly in their mouths so they can clean their chompers easily. Don’t forget to include a fluoride toothpaste and finding a flossing tool they will want to use. To make sure these dental products are both safe and effective, we strongly encourage using ADA-approved dental products.

2- Your child’s oral health depends on adequate nutrition. Teach them to avoid or limit sugary foods and beverages, and help them to fortify their daily diet by packing nutritious lunches. This should include raw fruits and vegetables, healthy dairy such as yogurt, cheese, or milk, and meat and grains. A healthy diet will go a long way to keeping your child’s smile strong.

3- A healthy smile is a protected smile. While a healthy lifestyle includes physical activity to balance academics, keeping your child’s smile safe cannot be overlooked. If their smiles are vulnerable to injury from contact sports or recreational activities, please provide them with an athletic mouthguard. This means they can participate in school sports, PE, or activities on the playground without worry of injury to teeth, gums, or other oral injuries.

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