Relieving Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety occurs at all ages. Although we often think of children as being the only ones afraid to visit the dentist, the truth is that many adults can feel a great deal of stress over an upcoming appointment. This could be due to many causes, including stress or fear of the unknown. If you do have any concerns about visiting your dentist, let the office know before your visit.

Fortunately, there are things your can do to relieve your dental anxiety. One of the most important things you can do is to speak with your dentist, so you have a firm grasp on what will happen during your appointment. The more you know, the less stressed you would probably be. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.

If you continue to suffer from dental anxiety, you might try deep breathing exercises, meditation or yoga. Also, you might try try visualizing yourself in a relaxing environment, such as at the ocean or in a garden. You may also want to visit with the dentist about sedation dentistry.
You may also be able to wear headphones during your procedure, and some offices have ways of helping you to alleviate stress while you are in the chair.

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