The Reasons Why Your Gums Have Pulled Away From Your Teeth

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If your gums have pulled away from the base of your teeth, making your teeth look longer, exposing your roots and causing tooth sensitivity, then you’re a victim of gum recession. This can negatively affect the health, strength and beauty of your smile. Unfortunately, there are many causes of gum recession, and our dentist, Dr. Deborah Backiel, would like to tell you all about them. That way you can determine the cause of your gum recession. Some causes include:

-Physical wear of the gums: If you brush and floss too hard, severely injure your teeth and gums, misuse whitening treatments or grind your teeth, then that could be the cause of your recession. It’s important to properly clean your teeth and gums with the right tools, avoid oral injuries as much as possible, follow instructions on whitening treatments and protect your teeth when you grind them.

-Inflammation of the gums: If you suffer from gingivitis, then that is most likely the cause of your gum recession. You might also experience tender and red gums that bleed easily. It’s important to treat your gingivitis as soon as possible before the dental problem gets worse and severely damages your oral health and smile.

-Genetics: Genetics could be the cause of your gum recession if gum recession runs in the family. If this is the case, there isn’t much you can do. But you can improve the health and appearance of your smile with gum grafts.

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